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Telstra Wholesale's Ethernet Access and Ethernet Backhaul products are the first in the Asia Pacific region and second in the world, to have received Carrier Ethernet 2.0 E-Line certification by the MEF. Further, our Managed Leased Line product using the Ethernet interface option is currently Carrier Ethernet 1.0 E-Line certified by the MEF.

Our commitment means that when you choose our data products, you know you’re working with a leading company, committed to industry best-practice, and intent on keeping you at the forefront of technology with appropriately certified solutions.

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MEF Services Registry

Our commitment to you

You can be confident that our Ethernet services are designed with forward-looking industry trends in mind, as defined by an established industry body. In turn, our commitment helps you provide global industry best-practice solutions to your customers. It’s just another way for us to help you with achieving your data advantage.

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  • As the defining body for Carrier Ethernet, the MEF is a global industry alliance of more than 220 organizations (as at December 2013), with a mission to accelerate the worldwide adoption of Carrier-class Ethernet networks and services. They focus on developing Carrier Ethernet technical specifications and implementation agreements that promote interoperability and deployment of Carrier Ethernet worldwide
  • MEF specifications have created an internationally-consistent methodology for delivering and certifying Carrier Ethernet Services that has been adopted worldwide.
  • The MEF’s certification program focuses on three areas: the provider’s services, vendor’s equipment and professional technical skills

  • Verification by the MEF-appointed independent testing lab, confirming a provider’s service offering is compliant to MEF’s internationally agreed specifications.
  • Certification of MEF-defined Service Types
  • Certification via active probes placed at the end-points of real services in the production network. The lab then continuously executes automated functional and performance tests between their probes over a two week period, which thoroughly tests the service.

  • Ensures you’re leveraging MEF’s internationally recognised, standardised approach to delivering Carrier Ethernet Services
  • Provides you with an independent audit trail that your provider’s service meets well-defined functionality and performance benchmarks
  • Qualifies your provider’s Ethernet offering as “Carrier-Grade ” Means the services exhibit all five of the MEF-defined attributes which distinguish it from Enterprise Ethernet i.e. Standardised service types, Scalability (users, reach and bandwidth), Reliability, Quality of Service (QoS/CoS) and Service Management  by virtue of internationally agreed specifications
  • Ensures your provider will carefully consider any network changes that may affect their MEF Service certification

  • You can have confidence knowing your data services are certified to a global industry standard for best practice. In addition, key elements in Telstra’s network have been separately CE 1.0 and/or CE 2.0 E-Line certified by our vendors, augmenting that confidence.
  • Minimises your time and efforts for RFP preparation, because you can take advantage of the common industry-based understanding, which the MEF methodology delivers.
  • Allows you to offer QoS-differentiated products, because CE 2.0 E-Line certification means your Ethernet services offer multiple Classes of Service, with each CoS optimised for different end-customer applications.
  • More effective fault diagnosis, because CE 2.0 E-Line certification means your Ethernet services use Service OAM  capabilities. Within our network, S-OAM augments existing fault diagnosis mechanisms.
  • You have access to Carrier Ethernet industry expertise.  Our Carrier Ethernet Certified   (MEF-CECP) are here to help you interpret international best practice, by talking about your services “in the same language” as the rest of the global industry. 


  • MEF 9 certifies Carrier Ethernet Services functionality 
  • MEF 14 certifies Carrier Ethernet Services traffic management and performance
  • CE 1.0 is the MEF’s “Generations Framework” branding for MEF 9 and MEF 14. Therefore, a CE 1.0 certification means MEF 9 and/or MEF 14 compliance to the MEF standards.
  • CE 2.0 certification demonstrates compliance with the MEF’s Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and includes: Multi-CoS EVC’s, Service OAM and (optionally) the E-Access service type
  • A CE 2.0 certification does not necessarily mean a “superior certification”. However, some performance characteristics for CE 2.0 certification are more stringent than those in CE 1.0 certification.

Telstra’s certifications for various products can be found on the MEF’s Services Registry.

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