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The increasing demand for mobile data, content (Video on Demand, IPTV), and high-speed or high-volume internet data plans has resulted in an equally fast growing need for backhaul bandwidth.

Telstra Wholesale’s MEF CE 2.0 certified Ethernet Backhaul can help you meet the challenge with backhaul connectivity into Telstra equipment buildings, between your Points of Presence (PoPs) and data centres or to your centralised core mobile network.

Ethernet Backhaul now supports both the MEF-defined E-Access and E-Line service types providing you greater service-design flexibility and compliance to international standards.

Our Ethernet Backhaul product can be customised as your demand grows, helping you to improve operational efficiencies, decrease time-to-market and build customer loyalty.

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Ethernet Backhaul


Flexible national coverage 

Ethernet Backhaul offers national coverage across approximately 1,800 exchange service areas. It’s best suited to carriers and carriage service providers wanting flexible commercial constructs. The product offers four classes of service (CoS), which means you can prioritise data traffic on each service according to your needs.

Ethernet Backhaul uses proven pseudowire and Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) technology for flexible and robust point-to-point and point-to-multipoint (aggregation) services.

Ethernet Backhaul Fact Sheet
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Ethernet Backhaul E-Access Data Sheet
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Ethernet Backhaul E-Line Data Sheet
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Ethernet Backhaul E-Access Services
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Ethernet Backhaul E-Line EPL
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Ethernet Backhaul E-Line EVPL
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Ethernet Backhaul Key Pricing Elements
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Comparing Product Capabilities
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Lost in the Ethernet
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Ethernet Backhaul


Customer Portal Resources

Login to the Telstra Wholesale Customer Portal to access the following documents:

  • Ethernet Backhaul Technical Specifications
  • Ethernet Backhaul Telstra Service Interface Specification (TSIS)
  • Ordering and provisioning manual
  • Operations and maintenance manual
  • LOLO reference guide

Why choose Telstra Wholesale?

Our national platform gives you the geographic coverage you need for a consistent experience across our network. This saves you time and money because you don’t need to manage multiple suppliers.

You’ll have online access to quoting, ordering and billing tools for a faster, more efficient pre and post-sales experience.

And with our Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certification by the MEF, you can expect global industry best practice.


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