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High Definition Voice Quality on our Voice service: The Telstra supplied Home Network Gateway (HNG) can deliver High Definition voice quality for your customers (when used with a compatible cordless phone).

Prioritisation of voice services: Voice and Analogue Voice components of broadband bundles are delivered over nbn Traffic Class 1, meaning they are prioritised over broadband traffic to deliver a more reliable voice service.

Standalone Voice and Analogue Voice services or Broadband bundle options: You can offer your customers Broadband and Voice or Broadband and Analogue Voice bundles to suit their needs.

Meaningful customer experiences: Up to two Analogue Voice services can be provided using the nbn Connection Box for customers who require more than one telephone service. Those customers with older equipment will also gain peace of mind from knowing that our solutions will support them without them needing to upgrade unnecessarily.

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With a Broadband and Analogue Voice bundle, the Broadband service is delivered via the UNI-D port of the NBN Connection Box and the Analogue Voice service is delivered via the UNI-V port on the NBN Connection Box in areas serviced by NBN FTTP network. There is an option to have the services delivered via an HNG. If a second Analogue Voice Service is provided on the NBN Connection Bconnection ox, it cannot be bundled with an existing service, it is offered as a stand-alone service.

The Voice and Analogue Voice components of these bundles are delivered over NBN Traffic Class 1, ensuring higher network prioritisation over broadband traffic and a more reliable voice service.

HNG updates: We’ll deploy software upgrades remotely to the HNGHNG so your customers can enjoy the most up to date capability from our network. Your end users must have an HNG device to ensure the integrity of the SIP of our Voice service.

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Why choose Telstra Wholesale

1.    Get access to more customers, quicker, to help your business grow

Telstra Wholesale has successfully connected to all of nbn’s 121 permanent POIs. This coverage extends to the nbn FTTP, FTTB, FTTN and fixed wireless networks thereby maximising your reach on the NBN.

2.    Seamless transition for a meaningful end-user experience

You need to get up and running with the minimum of hassle. We manage nbn co appointments on your behalf at a time that suits your customers.

Integration with Telstra Wholesale nbn products is made easy by the fact that we use familiar and existing processes and systems. This simplifies the technical delivery of services and provides more meaningful customer experiences. Our network architecture may save you both time and money, reducing calls to your help desk, for example, and saving time spent answering basic queries.

3.    A strong, high performing network

Our levels of redundancy mean high availability of Telstra’s network for you and your end users. This means a lower risk of interruptions to services and a great customer experience.

5.    First class service and support

With our copper and HFC network experience, we’ve got over 100 years’ worth of experience, knowledge and know-how about what is possible and how that could be transferred to the  nbn experience, delivered over nbn co’s multi technology mix. You will benefit from this knowledge to deliver the best Broadband experience to your customers.


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Voice on the NBN
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Voice on the NBN
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  • Ordering and Provisioning Manual
  • Operations and Maintenance Manual
  • LOLO Reference Guide