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Integrated Telephony

Telstra Velocity is an access infrastructure that delivers integrated telephony. It is only available in selected areas around Australia.

South Brisbane

Details specified below may differ for premises in South Brisbane. Please refer to your Fibre Access Broadband end-user Technical Specifications and On the Day documents for detailed information.

Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

At the end user’s premises, a Telstra Optical Network Terminal (ONT) converts services between optical signals on the access network fibre and electrical interfaces for connection to the end user’s Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) such as analogue phones, Digital RF video set top units and Ethernet devices.

The type of ONT installed by Telstra will be decided at the time of appointment by the Telstra technician. End-users and wholesale customers cannot choose an ONT type.

Fault reporting

You can log faults electronically through Linxonline Service (LOLS) or by contacting the National Wholesale Service Centre.

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