Meet the needs of demanding internet consumers with fast and reliable broadband that is perfect for video and audio streaming. Our Fibre Access Broadband offers high capacity, low latency and download speeds of up to 100 Mbps so that your customers can download images, video and other content quicker.

Why choose us?

Customised solutions
Develop personalised offers for your customers and offer a choice of download speeds to suit their needs and budgets. The following speed options* are available:

  • Up to 8 Mbps /384kbps
  • Up to 30 Mbps /1 Mbps
  • Up to 100 Mbps / 5 Mbps


High performance
Deliver better uptime and fewer interruptions with broadband delivered over Telstra’s fibre access network.


Integrated services
Offer comprehensive broadband solutions with tight integration between our Fibre Access and ADSL solutions.


Expert support
Get connected quicker and easier with the support of our experienced team of fibre specialists, and enjoy peace of mind with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service assurance facilities.


*Actual speeds experienced will depend on a range of factors.


FTTP Sites for Fibre Access Broadband

This report details the Telstra Development Sites where Fibre Access Broadband is available. Telstra reserves the right to alter the list. Any alterations will be listed in “Site List Changes” below.


Explanation of fields in the FTTP Sites for Fibre Access Broadband Report
State: The state the Fibre Access Broadband resides in.
Development: The Fibre Access Broadband Site name.
ESA: The Telstra Exchange to which the Fibre Access Broadband Site OLT feeds into
ESA Code: Exchange Code of the above Telstra Exchange.
Zone: Fibre Access Broadband Site Zone of the development for pricing purposes.
CCA: Call Collection Area of the Fibre Access Broadband Site.
Map: (if available) click on this link to show the Development boundaries.


Development Maps
The Maps remain Telstra Proprietary. However, TW Customers may download and/or print the maps for their won purpose only. Velocity Estate boundaries are indicative only, and service availability is subject to a Site Qualification.


Site List Changes
12/04/2012 - Initial List
12/04/2012 - Corrected errors in a number of hyperlinks that were not working
17/04/2012 - Corrected hyperlink for “Brookwater-ESTATE-Brookwater-QLD.pdf"

End to End Connectivity

This diagram illustrates a high level network view for Telstra Wholesale’s Fibre Access Broadband product from the end user all the way back to the customer network. The FAB-L2IG service does not include Ethernet Access over which the VLAN is provisioned. These must be acquired separately from Telstra Wholesale.


Check our list of eligible sites as an XLS file or as a KML file which can be viewed using Google Earth Pro.


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Fibre Access Broadband

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