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By delivering new capabilities in our broadband portfolio, we’re investing in our business so that we can confidently deliver world-class solutions to your business.

We understand the need for reassurance and certainty when you’re transitioning to a new platform or employing a new solution.

Telstra Wholesale offers an experienced and skilled team of dedicated specialists to help identify the Broadband solution that best suits your needs. You’ll also receive ongoing technical and operational support during and following the service delivery.

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Broadband Plus

Take the complexity out of NBN with our Broadband Plus option

We’ve launched a new pricing structure for our Broadband and Voice products on the NBN, which delivers the following benefits:

  • You pay for Broadband VLANs and Internet network capacity utilised, on a per end user basis
  • You only need to contract with us once - for NBN end user access, Broadband Aggregation, and Telstra Wholesale Internet
  • We’ve made it easier for you to keep track of what you’ll be paying - your end user ports, Broadband VLANs and Telstra Wholesale Internet data are rolled together into a single, per end user charge.

Broadband from every angle

We’re in the places that you need us, with national coverage across the NBN. We pride ourselves on the consistency, service assurance and operational support we offer you as a customer.

Our proven, integrated systems capabilities and B2B support help you manage your business needs with a range of online tools for ordering support and network performance. Our flexible solutions and installation options will enhance the delivery experience for you and your customers.

Broadband Aggregation

Broadband Aggregation for DSL

Seamless, cost-effective, Ethernet-based national aggregation for DSL that matches our Broadband on the NBN aggregation solution is now available. Our solution allows you to access DSL and NBN traffic through a common physical handoff at your chosen Point of Presence.

Using our existing Broadband on the NBN aggregation platform, our solution has the ability to carry inter-capital VLANs, has scalable bandwidth, the choice of 1Gbps or 10Gbps for each aggregation access,  and offers a consistent solution for broadband over DSL and NBN fibre and fixed wireless.

This makes your transition to the NBN easier through national aggregation of your DSL and NBN broadband services over a single physical handoff.

You can:

  • Choose the capacity you need to meet the growth in end user demand
  • Pay for capacity with a monthly charge across all DSL and Broadband on NBN VLANs, rather than per individual VLAN
  • Enjoy product features and service assurances that are consistent with those of Broadband on NBN.
Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless on NBN

Our Broadband and Voice solutions are now also available over the fixed wireless NBN. Fixed Wireless is an NBN access technology that delivers existing Telstra NBN products to areas not serviced by the NBN fibre network.

We’ve expanded the footprint of our Broadband and Voice on the NBN products, by making those products available over the NBN wireless network.

We like to keep things simple, so as far as possible we’ve kept things the same as our Broadband and Voice products delivered over the NBN fibre network. That means no additional onboarding activities, no additional changes to your systems interfaces with us, and no changes to the Broadband Aggregation set-up. We’ve also kept the same range of Home Network Gateway and installation options, and of course you will continue to enjoy our extensive transition support as you transition to NBN.


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Broadband Aggregation

Broadband Aggregation
Video - click to play

Telstra Wholesale has added new ways to connect your customers including Fibre to the Node and Fibre to the Building

Broadband Plus

Broadband Plus
Video - click to play

Telstra Wholesale has added new ways to connect your customers including Fibre to the Node and Fibre to the Building

Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless
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Telstra Wholesale has added new ways to connect your customers including Fibre to the Node and Fibre to the Building