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Copper Disconnection Exemptions

As the NBN rollout continues in regions across the country, each region will have a migration window during which services can be migrated from the Telstra Copper network to the NBN Co fixed line network. At the end of that period, which will be at least 18 months (except in Service Continuity Regions), copper services remaining in that region are generally to be disconnected (from after the Disconnection Date).

However some services are initially exempt from disconnection from the Telstra Copper network. These services will therefore remain on the Telstra Copper network for now.  

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Service Continuity Regions

In accordance with the Migration Plan, six months before a Disconnection Date for a Rollout Region (the Parent Rollout Region), all Premises which are not NBN Serviceable will be moved by NBN Co into a new Rollout Region known as a Service Continuity Region. The Service Continuity Region will have a new Disconnection Date – six months later than the Disconnection Date for the Parent Rollout Region – to allow NBN Co more time to make premises in the Service Continuity Region serviceable. 

The Premises that are moved from the Parent Rollout Region into the Service Continuity Regions include Service Class 0 (FTTP) or Service Class 10 (FTTB and FTTN) Premises.

Note that even though Service Continuity Regions receive an extra six months before the Managed Disconnections process commences, premises located within a Service Continuity Region are still subject to mandatory disconnection. We would therefore encourage you to migrate customers to the NBN as soon as the premises is serviceable, to promote continuity of service.    

MDU Common Areas

Within Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs) there can be a range of common areas where legacy carriage services are supplied, such as;

(i) a concierge desk; (vi) elevators;
(ii) a foyer area; (vii) swimming pool and common gym facilities;
(iii) concourse area; (viii) a garbage room;
(iv) a car park; (ix) a communications room; or
(v) central stairs; (x) a communal entertainment, recreational or dining area.

These areas are referred to as ‘MDU Common Areas’. Under the updated Migration Plan, MDU Common Areas that have been notified by NBN Co to Telstra will not be subject to the same rules for disconnection as other Premises in the Rollout Region.

Telstra will disconnect services supplied to an MDU Common Area as customers place orders to disconnect those services. Cease Sale will also apply to MDU Common Areas, so that Telstra will not be able to reconnect services or supply any new services to an MDU Common Area that has been included as a Premises in the fixed line footprint unless an exception applies.

Telstra must mandatorily disconnect all remaining legacy services supplied to MDU Common Areas, within the fixed line footprint, within two years of the end of the NBN rollout. Notwithstanding this, we again would encourage the early migration of these services to the NBN to promote continuity of the services provided in the MDU Common Areas.  

Fire Alarm and Lift Phone Services

Fire alarm and lift phone services registered with NBN Co and notified to Telstra will be exempt from Managed Disconnections until 30 June 2017.

This is designed to allow time fire alarm and lift phone service providers to develop products compatible with the NBN. It is important that all fire alarm and lift phone services are registered with NBN Co by 25 business days after the Disconnection Date and notified to Telstra by NBN Co, otherwise they will be subject to disconnection under the Managed Disconnection process. This extension does not restrict services from being migrated to the NBN where solutions are already available or become available.

Note there is currently an operational issue in us being able to identify and therefore exempt fire alarm and lift phone services that are registered with NBN Co and that are provided via a ULLS. Telstra is currently in discussion with NBN Co about this issue, and understand it has also been raised as a concern in several industry forums. We therefore encourage all parties to be vigilant in the management of these services as migration to the NBN progresses.

From 1 July 2017 all fire alarm and lift phone services that have been exempt from Managed Disconnection during this period will proceed to Managed Disconnection. Telstra will continue to work with NBN Co on how this will proceed and we will communicate those details once they have been finalised.   

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