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Telstra Wholesale 3G Closure – FAQ for use by Mobile Providers
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Telstra Wholesale 3G Closure – FAQ for use by Mobile Providers
3G Closure – summary

When the 3G network was launched in 2006, we used our mobile devices for calls, texting and accessing basic information online. Since then, technology and customer usage has significantly changed, and so too must the network.

If you have a device that’s only able to connect to 3G, you won’t be able to connect to the Telstra Wholesale Mobile network after 30 June 2024.


If your mobile device doesn’t have Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology, even if it uses 4G, it will not be able to make voice calls on the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network after 30 June 2024.

If your device doesn’t support VoLTE emergency calling, you will not be able to make an emergency call to 000 on the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network.

To continue using the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network, you’ll need to upgrade the device to a 4G/5G VoLTE capable and compatible device before 30 June 2024. Doing so will ensure you can access the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network and will have both data access and voice calling compatibility.

Find out more about VoLTE, including what it is, what devices are compatible, and how to check or enable VoLTE on your phone. See below

Network teams are working on expanding 4G and 5G network capabilities to provide customers with the best possible experience, with a view to providing equivalent 4G coverage to 3G only area before we switch off the 3G network.  


Your network experience should improve, and in most cases, you’ll notice a substantial improvement in speeds when you move from 3G only coverage to 4G coverage. 4G services access greater bandwidths and are more efficient than 3G, leading to higher end user speeds.

Speed caps apply to all mobile plans which use the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network.  Available speed caps are 100Mbps, 150Mbps or 250Mbps. Check your plan’s Critical Information Summary to find out which speed cap applies.  


It is important to note that the speed cap on your plan is the maximum potential download speed for data included in your recharge/plan.  


Typical speeds will often be lower, as mobile speeds vary due to the many factors listed below.


The speed you experience is determined by a range of factors including how close you are to a tower, how much traffic the site is carrying, if there’s any obstructions impeding the network (i.e. buildings, hills, vegetation etc.) and what sort of device you’re using. 

For users with phones that need a software / settings update to be able to make voice calls on 4G.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) lets you make clearer phone calls over 4G (LTE) networks. Mobile network operators around the world are beginning to shut down their 3G networks, meaning VoLTE will be increasingly required to make or receive phone calls (including emergency calls) when using their networks abroad.

Your mobile device must support VoLTE emergency calling to make an emergency call to 000 on the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network, after the 3G network closes from 30 June 2024.  If your device does not support VoLTE emergency calling, you will not be able to make an emergency call to 000 on the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network. More information about this is available from the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association

To use VoLTE, you'll need a 4G device which is VoLTE-capable. It will also need to be compatible with the following technology and bands:

Required: 4G 700 MHz (B28), 

Optional: 4G 1800 MHz (B3) banding.

The devices listed below purchased in Australia from a reputable source can make and receive VoLTE phone calls. You'll just need VoLTE enabled on your device.

Most 4G and 5G phones and wearables sold by a reputable outlet in Australia since January 2019 should support VoLTE out of the box.

The following is a list of 4G phones and wearables launched before January 2019 that support VoLTE if set up for Australian mobile networks. This list may not be exhaustive, is a guideline only and you may need to check the settings on your specific device to confirm compatibility.

Phones or devices purchased overseas or from international marketplaces may not be compatible or may require operating system software updates to function properly on Australian mobile networks.


Apple iPhone 6 and Apple Watch 3 onwards (with iOS 10 or later)

Samsung Galaxy S series 7 onwards, Galaxy Note 5 series onwards, all Samsung Galaxy Watch series

All Google Pixel phones

Boost Dex

Boost Jett

HTC 10




LG K11+


Nokia 2.1

Nokia 5

Oppo AX5

Oppo R15 Pro 

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Sony Xperia X Performance

Sony Xperia XA2

Sony Xperia XZ

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Sony Xperia XZ2

Telstra Essential Plus 

Telstra Essential Smart

Telstra Signature 2

Telstra Signature Enhanced

Telstra Signature Premium

Telstra Superior

Telstra Tough 5

Telstra Tough Max 2.

How do I enable VoLTE on my mobile phone?

Check your mobile phone's operating system is updated to the latest iOS version.

Go to Settings

Select General

Scroll to Software Update and follow prompts.


Ensure you have the latest carrier build enabled.

Go to Settings

Select General

Select About

Scroll to Service Provider, and check that it is at least Telstra 35.0. If an update is available, you'll see an option to update your Service Provider settings.


Ensure VoLTE is turned on. If you have a 4G iPhone:

Go to Settings

Select Mobile

Select Mobile Data Options

Select Enable 4G.

Select Voice & Data

If available, turn on VoLTE.

If you have a 5G iPhone, VoLTE is automatically enabled on your device.

VoLTE will typically be activated on your mobile phone within 4 hours of completing the above steps.

iPhone X (4G)


iPhone 11 (4G)


iPhone 12 Pro (5G capable)


Ensure your mobile phone’s operating system is up to date. Once it’s up-to-date, VoLTE will typically be enabled on your device within 4 hours.

Refer to your user manual or seek technical assistance from the manufacturers website if you need help on how to ensure your phone’s operating system is up to date.

As this phone is capable of 5G, there’s no specific VoLTE setting – it is automatically enabled. 


1.      Go to settings

2.      Select Connections

3.      Select Mobile networks

4.      Check that VoLTE calls is enabled. 


1.      Go to settings

2.      Scroll to the bottom of the page and select About Phone

3.      Information is in Product Name and Model name


iPhone 5s

As you can see, VoLTE is not an available option. This handset will not work on 4G voice / VoLTE. A handset upgrade is required.

3G_exit_check_volte_Upgrade handset